Hair Tutorial: Tips For Using A Curling Wand

Lee Wright, owner of Style House Salon, has been cutting, coloring, and styling hair for over two decades. Styling everyone from country music stars getting ready for awards season, as well as Nashville natives prepping for their big night in Music City, Lee knows how to create dozens of styles for his happy clients. In this video tutorial, Lee helps his client create beautiful, soft curls that frame the client’s face and give her hair dimension.

First of all, how beautiful is this client’s hair?! The gorgeous red tone is perfectly complimented by these soft, flattering curls. And don’t even get us started on that shine!

It’s important to prep the hair for styling. On her towel-dried hair, Lee worked in, “Sleek & Swing” from L’oreal Professionnel’s Tecni Art line. Lee then blow-dried the roots, and worked a medium-large sized round brush throughout the hair to create shine and seal down the cuticle. Before curling, Lee sprayed each section with L’oreal Professionnel’s Infinium 3 to give the hair heat protection and flexible hold.

Here are some tips, as well as a video to show you how Lee creates this look with ease.

Tip #1: Hold The Wand Vertically

Notice how Lee keeps the wand at an angle, rather than holding it horizontally. This trick will give the curls a natural looking flow, rather than a crimped look.

Tip #2: Keep The Hair Flat On The Wand

For this look with big, soft curls, it is important to remember to keep the hair FLAT against the wand. For a bouncier, tighter curl you can twist the hair before wrapping it around the wand.

Tip #3: Always Keep It Moving

You will also see how Lee never let’s the wand settle on the hair. By always keeping the wand moving he is able to create a big, loose curl without applying unnecessary heat to the hair.

Tip #4: Size Matters

Lee is using a larger, 1¼” curling wand to create a loose, larger curl for this client. For a tighter curl, consider using a 1” wand.

Curling Wand Tutorial

Voila! The results are perfectly round, soft curls that compliment her long hair while giving her a gorgeous style that’s perfect for a date night or special occasion.

Check back for more video tutorials and styling tips from hair stylist, Lee Wright and his expert team. If you’d like to make an appointment for a cut, color, or style, contact Style House Salon today!

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