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Style House Salon


At Style House Salon, we have multiple extension certified stylists. We offer Harper Ellis extensions and Bellami Professional Extensions in four different methods.


VOLUME WEFT Extensions
Pricing Based on Consultation
Installed by creating a beaded foundation and sewing in the weft extensions for voluminous full-coverage. This method allows for easy removal and reapplication to the guest’s hair. The type is great for clients with dense hair that want full coverage of their natural hair. This application can also be used in combination with other methods and can be deconstructed to customize the density for finer hair types. Bellami Volume Wefts hair extensions are ideal for coarse, curly or thicker hair.
KERATIN-TIP Extensions
Pricing Based on Consultation
Installed with a heating tool that bonds a silicone additive to the natural hair for free movement and naturally layered texture. This option is great for all hair types because the attachment is very small and can be customized by cutting the hair extension to be virtually undetectable. This method is also great for someone who loves to ‘pull their hair up and go’ as it provides flexible movement.
TAPE-IN Extensions
Pricing Based on Consultation
We offer two options: double-sided and single-sided and both are installed using adhesive tape. This method provides a secure and comfortable feel as well as easy removal and reapplication. Both are great for all hair types, especially guests with thinner hair, as tapes lay flat against the head and are virtually undetectable.
Bellami I-TIP Extensions
Pricing Based on Consultation
with a strand-by-strand application, without using heat or glue. This is an especially great application for those with thinning hair around their hairline.

I have been going to see Holly for hair extensions for about six months. She has changed my life and giving me so much confidence. I recommend her to all my friends and anyone who wants to have great hair!

-Sophia King